Painted Frog Entertainment first began as a live sound company back in 2005. Since then, the company has grown and expanded what we offer but there is one thing that stands true in everything we do; there is nothing we love more than high quality, crystal clear audio at any event!

At Painted Frog Entertainment, we understand the importance of a well-polished event and the effort that goes into organizing it. We can assist you in the planning of the event and will customize a package to your event needs. Our staff at Painted Frog Entertainment are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. We have run sound for a large number of different types of events, anywhere from bands at a small pub to large outdoor city events. Painted Frog Entertainment does a number of sound events throughout the year, working with some of the cities in the Tri-City and Fraser Valley area. We also work with bands for all of their corporate and pub/club events, working in all sorts of different venues.

Our goal is to make your event a successful one, let us help you!